Weymouth Port – some of the sights

Fishing and crabbing boats returning to Weymouth Port in the afternoon

Fishing and crabbing boats returning in the afternoon

Weymouth Port is one of the prettiest in the UK and it is easy to see why. There are colourful cottages, fine restaurants and inviting pubs dotted amongst Georgian architecture and interesting alleyways, leading to quaint shops (and more pubs!) All this and Tall Ships as well!

Seafood Festival viewed from the Town Bridge (July) looking toward the inner Weymouth Port

Seafood Festival viewed from the Town Bridge (July)

Because of its peace and picturesque charms, thousands of visitors enjoy strolling round the Port in Weymouth, along the harbour side and watching the many pleasure craft and fishing vessels coming and going. Read More

HMS Vigilant in Weymouth Harbour

HMS Vigilant manouvreing in Weymouth Harbour

Coastal Patrol Vessels

HMS Vigilant last visited Weymouth Harbour in March, this year. Because she is a fairly large ship, Vigilant moors behind Aaran House, where the water is deeper. The ship is named a few different ways, including prefixes of - PV, HMRC, HMCC and HMC (Her Majesty;s Cutter). She is a coastal patrol ship, operating to protect the UK's customs perimeter. Built in 2003, her MMSI number is 235521000: her IMO is 9276353: her call sign is ZITI4. Vigilant is 43m long, with gross tonnage of 238 Tonnes. Crew conditions are relatively good, with "double-box" quarters to minimise noise fatigue.

Her Majestys Cutter Vigilant in 2017

Her Majestys Cutter Vigilant in 2017

Sea Cadet Training Ships

Another visitor to Weymouth Harbour has been TS Jack Petchey (mentioned in other posts). She is a training ship for Sea Cadets. The first time we observed her, right behond Aaran House, we overheard an interesting "conversation". A training Officer was calling out "Nigel!, Nigel!". It transpired that "Nigel" had been ordered to empty the slops over the side but had instead emptied several general waste bins plus some important training videos. The next hour or so was spent by cadets attempting to fish the bedraggled videos out of the Harbour from a small dinghy, under the especially stern gaze of the Officers!

TS Jack Petchey by night

TS Jack Petchey by night

HMS Puncher is another Sea Cadet training vessel, sometimes visiting Weymouth Harbour. She is a fast patrol vessel, MMSI - 232002940, call sign GAAW, length - 20m, believed to have taken part in Nato Execrises in 2017 and supporting the Olympics in 2012.

HMS Puncher in 2018

HMS Puncher in 2018

Navy Hydrographic Survey

We briefly glimpsed HMS Magpie as she entered Weymouth Harbour in April, this year. Magpie is the newest addition (at the time of writing) to the Royal Navy's hydrographic survey fleet. She began sea trials just 1 month after launch, in Spring.

HMS Magpie

HMS Magpie

Coastguard Helicopter Rescue Team

Finally, although this list of Navy vessels is far from complete, we felt it appropriate to add a brief film clip of our Coastguard Helicopter Rescue Team in training action, before closure of the Portland base. We want to thank the rescue crews for all their brave and tireless work in savings souls at sea for many years.


Coastguard Rescue Helicopter on training exercise