Isigny sur Mer

From the Series: Ferry Trips to France

Isigny is a short drive further along the N13 from the turn for Grandcamp Maisy. Isigny is a small town, in commune with 62 neighbouring villages, named after the D’Isigny family, who served with William the Conqueror (links to Walt Disney, also!) Just along from the port, there is access to the Western end of Omaha Beach. Isigny is a local centre for dairy products (AOC) and the cheeses are simply superb! We can recommend the fish soup in the Harbour Cafe as well.

Grandcamp Maisy

From the Series: Ferry Trips to France

Grandcamp Maisy is a good site to start your tour of the Normandy Beaches, with Omaha, Gold and Juno close by: Utah just a short drive West across the Cotentin, Isigny sur Mer a few km West and Point du Hoc a few km East. There was a huge German battery sited there in the Second World War and a small museum display remains. Beyond, on the outskirts, is a large area of the former German emplacements, which has not really been explored or developed by historians.

Down on the Beach (Omaha?) there are WWII truck tours, which start from around Euro 80 all the way up to about Euro 750, for the Airborne Division Tours (presumably much more than just a truck tour?)