Christmas Day Swim – Weymouth Harbour 2019

Or – The great Walls of Weymouth

The Christmas Day Swim in Weymouth Harbour took place this year in brilliant sunshine. In fact, the sun was so bright, it made photography very difficult from the South side (finish line). We are indebted to Oakes Insure for some excellent photos from the starting jetty.

Christmas Day Swim conditions

The air temperature for the Charity Swim was about 10 degC, also the water temperature (according to google – Alexa). There was very little breeze but the shock of hitting cold water exposed several swimmers to cramps, “brain-freeze” and some muscle injuries (including Mark – Wobbly Fish). There were 471 competitors in 9 heats and upwards of 20,000 spectators watched till the end. The Christmas Day Swim raised £1000’s for Charity (plus not a few goosebumps). (See our YouTube Channel for other videos).

There was due to be a fourth member of the Wall family undetaking the swim but an unfortunate “illness” overtook Karl the night before (early “brain freeze”). We are hoping to get Claire to have a go next year…..

Christmas Day Harbour swim in Weymouth

Weymouth Harbour Lions Club swim 25th December 2018

Christmas Day Harbour Swim for Charity, organised by the Lions Club

Every year, Weymouth Lions Club organises a charity swim across the Harbour to raise money for worthwhile causes. In recent years, the numbers of swimmers has risen to 500 or so and up to £20,000 can be raised. There are so many participants, the races have to split into 5 or 6 groups, for safety. Many entrants dress up in fancy costumes (which can be risky as my Nephew Karl found out one year!) The event is fully marshalled and safety crews are present on land and in the water, so everyone is safe.

Of course, if the Harbour Swim feels a bit chilly, then you can always try a spot of Ice Skating outside Debenhams in the Town.