Malakal Harbor visits Weymouth Harbour

Malakal Harbor is a floating work platform, typically used for repair tasks. Today, it was in Weymouth Harbour to dredge some concrente spillage from the recent Harbour wall repairs. Her marking is YD206, but we were not able to find her details anywhere in Lloyds Register, UK Marine Register or World Registers (over 500,000 vessels listed).

Assisting operations was a diver, attempting to identify and attach haulage straps to underwater obstacles. The operations took around 3 hours or so. We are not sure if these works will resume tomorrow. Among the debris were a large “slab” of hard concrete and some rebar, plus what appears to be discarded piping.

(Malakal Harbour is in Pilau, part of the Caroline Islands, Micronesia. We imagine the vessel reflects the name of this beauty spot in the Pacific).