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Here, you can view a few videos of Harbour and Beach events in Weymouth, mostly filmed on our doorstep. See other videos in our YouTube Channel, including Christmas Day Harbour Swim, Raft Race, RNLI Historic Boat Parade, Beach Volleyball, Santa Fun Run (Chase the Pudding), Iron Man events, Beach Kite Festival, Motor Boat Racing, Weymouth fishing fleet , Ice skating and much more. The cover image from the You Tube Playlist shows the old Condor Ferry, as it returned to Weymouth following a gap in operations. This is our most popular video. Other videos show Beach Motocross, Harley Davidson Parades, Waterfest and Seafood Festival.

Beach Motocross, Weymouth, Sunday 28th October 2018

Beach Motocross – Weymouth – 28th October 2018

Lions Club Beach Motocross

Intermediate riders heading for the Beach straight

Intermediate riders heading for the Beach straight

Riders passing the Sandworld display area

Riders sculpting sand their won way

Riders sculpting sand their won way

Junior riders nearing lap completion

Junior motocross riders nearing lap completion

Junior motocross riders nearing lap completion

The view from our rooms –

Weymouth Lions Club organised the annual Beach Motocross race on 28th October this year. The weather was a little colder and windier than the Beach Volleyball a couple of months earlier, so we elected to view the race from our guest room 1, above the crowds lining the Esplanade. (See our YouTube Channel for previous images and videos).   Soon, we shall see the annual Chase the Pudding event, where 100’s of Santas, Elves and Fairies line up to catch the Pudding for Charity.


Several thousand spectators braved the chill to watch a record 364 competitors take part in races for Seniors, Experts, Intermediate and Junior riders. There were countless thrills and spills. Many fallen riders jumped back on thier machines only to fall of at the next jump. It was mayhem but out of the chaos great skills emerged and some well-deserved winners thrilled the watching crowds. (For results and more detailed information – see http://www.amca.uk.com/motocross/motocross-reports-results/2428-2018-amca-weymouth-beach-moto-cross?mylaps=type,run,runid,5160932 .

The event raised £1800 for Weymouth and Portland Lions Club and an estimated 20,000 visitors watched the races – FREE ! We would also like to add our congratulations to regular Weymouth commentator, Paul Hardy, on his well-deserved retirement.

(For previous years, check out our earlier post – https://www.aaranhouse.co.uk/beach-motocross/

Beach Motocross

Beach Motocross in Weymouth 2016

Lions Club beach motocross event on Weymouth Beach

Beach Motocross takes place every year on Weymouth Beach. The Lions Club sponsor the event, which raises £1000’s for charity. Thousands of spectators line the Esplanade to watch the free event and take amazing photographs. The start line is right in front of Aaran House and the course stretches up towards the Jubilee Clock Tower.

The beach motocross start line in front of Aaran House

The start line in front of Aaran House

The beach remains closed to the public for the races and marshals keep the competitors safe. Earthmoving equipment constructs huge sand ramps for the bikers to climb and the course winds for about a mile. Top speeds can be as high as 80 mph.

Local Press interviews the Lions Club ahead of the Motocross Event