Location and parking

Location and parking in Weymouth is fairly simple. The town is relatively small and there is only one main road on the sea front. If you need directions, just phone us and we can help you. (01305 766669)


We are easy to find – Just head for the sea front, keep the Sea on your left and head for the Pavilion Theatre (large building at the end of the Esplanade, with a green roof). We are in the short row of guest houses immediately before the Pavilion (blue and white buildings).

There is a small access road in front of us, where you can offload your luggage and enquire about parking. The town may be busier during special events.


Weymouth is affected by recent local government reorganisation, so it is always best to stop outside our door to ask current parking arrangements before perhaps paying more for parking than you need to. We can currently offer two types of permit – “Street” at £2 per 24 hours and “Carpark” at £4 per day (car park is free from 6pm till 8am). We will need your car registration number for street parking.

Location and Parking for Aaran House

Aerial view of Weymouth Sea Front and Aaran House