All our rooms are freshly decorated and comfortable. Every room has a spectacular Sea or Harbour view. The views are clear and from horizon to horizon. We provide luxury towel bales and complementary toiletries for each guest and all the usual comforts are there too. If you need anything extra, just ask us and we will do our best to make your stay the best possible. Normally we clean daily but can leave provisions outside your guest room if required.

First Floor Guest Rooms

Second Floor

Third Floor Guest Rooms

Additionally, we have a ground-floor lounge with sofa, chairs and TV for your relaxation. Our dining room has “proper” size tables and comfy leather chairs. There are a few books and games available. We do not include wifi in the price, in case of drop-outs outside our control. However, download speeds are reasonable and reception fair up to the second floor, at least. The views from our dining room are also great, overlooking the beach and sea.