September 2nd

Marchers highlight the Global climate emergency facing us all

On September 2nd, enironmental activists “Extinction Rebellion” took to the streets of Weymouth to draw attention to the variety of man-made emergencies facing us all. These dramatic threats include global warming, ocean pollution, food and natural resource loss, habitat and animal behaviour change and, of course, species extinction.

Environmentalists and concerned citizens join the march

They marched along the Esplanade and through the centre of Town, where they marked predicted flood levels with coloured chalks on buildings and wrote alarming future facts on pavements everywhere. Some found the event irritating while most considered it a valid demonstration that time is running short on so many fronts and there is a growing urgency required of politicians and “World Actors” to take control and act in everyone’s interest.

Many reports in press, online and in Journals have pointed to a number of threatening changes in climate, population, supply of food, water, fuel, raw materials – you name it. Possibly the most frightening claim is that this time, the next “extinction event” where up to 75% of all species on Earth may be eliminated from the timeline – will not be as a result of nature but entirely the fault of mankind.