Nearly 2 years ago, meetings were held to develop and consult on a new Esplanade lighting scheme, to be designed by consultants Tonkin Liu. From about 13 candidate proposals, the plan devolved to a system of pc-controlled LED strips, mounted in highly corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy fixing shrouds, vertically on street furniture (principally streetlamps).

Originally, it was hoped there would be up to 80 lighting strips installed but the finished project has only 28(?) The new Weymouth Town Council has been charged with operating and maintaining the system following by “gifting” from the merged Dorset County Council (after they subsumed most of the Town’s assets).

Although the new lighting is less bright than neon displays, streetlamps and vehicle headlights, they make a gentle backdrop in the dark and a few more would have highlighted the sweep of the Beach as the old fairy lights did. On the other hand, the reduced numbers has probably diminsihed the perceived impact – contrast the brilliant displays illuminating the Pavilion Theatre.

The old fairy lights, from about 10 years ago.