Beautiful weather over the Easter weekend but most people stayed home

The weather was beautiful over the Easter Weekend but most people stayed home. The Beach and Harbour were almost deserted at a time when they would normally overflow with visitors. On Easter Monday we could see only two fishing vessels from our viewpoint overlooking the middle Harbour. A number of photographers were out-and-about taking images of empty streets and the Beach.

Essential keyworkers returning with fish to Weymouth Harbour on Easter Monday

Last Easter weekend weather

Last Easter, the weekend weather was the hottest on record. Our reward from a couple of guests was a complaint it was too hot (they left the radiator on, mind you!) Apparently it was equally warm in 1949 but this year, though very sunny, was not quite so hot. We have a couple of photographs from last year for you.

Historically, most Easter weather has been mainly dry but plagued with cold winds. Bad weekends include 1958, 1964, 1966, mid-90’s and 2013.

This week’s scienc-ey stuff

We repeat, we are not experts but are just listing a few interesting references from people who are. We hope we can distract folk away from all the fake news out there (e.g. 5G masts!) Note that the bottom item (China Global Television News website) often refreshes URL links so that item may disappear soon. Later in the week, the weather broke, leading to showers and cloudy spells. However, Weymouth Esplanade, Beach and Harbour remained quiet, with just the occasional person exercising or walking their dogs.