During this Covid-19 lock down, end of week 2, we thought we might show something to hope for next year.

Westhill Donkeys rides on the beach in 2018. We hope we shall see this again next year after Covid-19 emergency is over
Westhill Donkey rides on the Beach, in happier times

At a time when the death toll is rising, especially for older people, we are seeing more people out and about, including many older people

Week 2 – staying in Covid-19 lock down

We are now in week 2 of our Covid-19 total lock down. As previously, we are staying indoors, getting minimum shopping delivered minimum times and between 3 households, to minimise delivery drivers’ exposure. Our elderly in-laws have been self-isolating completely for three weeks. We are also keeping spirits up by exchanging quiz questions among ourselves, to keep our brains active.

At Aaran House, we expect to make a 100 yard walk to bottlebanks to remove bottles and cans, next week. Otherwise, the build-up of waste would start to block our fire escape. Food waste collection was on friday but we do not know how long these kerbside collections will continue. We do not go outside our door at all otherwise, ever.

Social Distancing

We are seeing quite a few more elderly people walking around and along the Beach and Esplanade than normal at this time of year. Surely, this is risky behaviour. We have seen individuals outside more than once per day as well as making non-essential trips, to feed “the fattest crows in England” and to go Paddle-Boarding, for example. We understand Police have spoken to one individual feeding crows every day, several times over a decade and there have been a number of more recent 101 complaints made against him by tormented and frustrated residents.

This is what happens when you train crows every day for 15 years. Nobody deserves to wake up to this every day of their lives for years on end, despite what misguided online trolls say

We note a number of drivers bringing children, dogs etc to the Beach. We have seen a family-meet between a driver with small children and another adult for an outing on the Beach. An ambulance worker has been trying to tell people to go back indoors but not with any great success. Don’t get us wrong: It is lovely to see people out in the sunshine BUT we are worried for everyone’s health – and our own.

We would like to note, there is very little to worry about in terms of dogs (or cats) spreading Covid-19. Very few possible cases have been reported Worldwide and no risks of transmission to humans have been identified.

Non-essential journeys

The Police have been trying to reduce numbers of non-essential outings by people but have come in for a deal of “Police-bashing”. This includes from one of Britain’s largest landowners, a Dorset MP. In a local press statement, he appears to accuse people of acting like “Communist Stasi Informers” or “Nazi sympathisers” for trying to help Police control non-essential journeys. He would know, living close to another large landowner estate where they actually had Nazi Sympathisers up to the Second World War.

Meanwhile, living on a private estate of about 13,000 acres is a bit different from living in a street, with people walking past the front door, all day and night. Similarly, people trying to pass on advice from UK Gov, NHS, PHE, CDC, WHO, among others, are NOT “hysterical, judgemental, random and uneducated” as some online trolls are asserting. Not helping, guys!

More people going out during Covid-19 in Dorset - while the death toll is still rising.
More people may be going out during Covid-19
Data from Google
Screenshot 4th April, data up to 29th March

For orientation, The MP mentioned has voted against – climate change, equality, human rights, same sex marriage, proportional representation, smoking ban, higher taxes for rich, tax on bankers bonuses – BUT – voted for lower welfare benefits, ending financial educational support for teenagers and the “bedroom tax” Maybe we should avoid “Non-essential Politicians”?

Staying indoors

Just when you thought things could not get worse, you read a couple of articles from some years back. These assert wind-borne dust and sandstorms, can spread diseases, including some forms of Coronavirus and the viruses can survive for different “lifetimes” on different surfaces and in aerosols. We note there are significant deposits of beach sand on our INSIDE windowsills. This is despite the windows being firmly closed, right up to the top floor, about 60 feet high. We spray and wipe everything, everywhere as often as we can. (Probably not a hazard but it keeps us active).

Guardian graphic combining data from WHO, CDC, John Hopkins University and others - showing Covid-19 is still spreading and getting worse
Number of cases rising everywhere and spreading
Data from The Guardian and other Cited sources