Home truths and easing lockdown

It looks like the “tail” of the pandemic plan and easing lockdown is going to be a long. drawn-out affair. We have switched to less frequent blog updates. This update covers a fortnight. The next will cover a month. Meanwhile, we are all hoping for a return to summery scenes before too long.

Easing lockdown in the pandemic plan might just possibly allow for beach motocross event in october
Maybe we can hope to see the Beach Motocross in October

Self isolating and staying at home

At home, we are still self-isolating as much as possible, collective shopping and waving to neighbours from a safe distance. About once a fortnight, we take waste plastic bottles and cans to the recycling bins about 300 yards away. This is simply to prevent blocking of our fire exit. The neighbourhood online quizzes have stopped briefly, while we pause to think of new tricky questions.

WHO online training courses for Covid-19

Recovery – easing lockdown

We are also pondering the weekend (week 7) announcements about slight easing of lockdown, with a degree of trepidation. Uncertainty remains about exactly how our business would cope with working under the present pandemic plan. We have re-opened bookings for January 2021 but will probably not serve breakfasts. This would be to protect guests via maintained social distancing.

Seafood Festival
Seafood Festival – maybe back in 2021

Problems facing the Tourism Industry

There is an excellent and rather comprehensive article online in “The House”, which outlines current problems facing the hospitality industry. At risk is the £127 Billion-a-year UK Tourism industry and the livelihoods of 3,1 million workers in 300,000 businesses. These figures include 8% of the Nation’s workforce and the third largest industry sector in Britain.

The article suggests the impact of the Covid-19 emergency and lockdown is equivalent to three consecutive winter seasons. Certainly, in our case, we lose an average of £3,000 – £4000 per month in winter because of fixed costs. It takes us till mid-July to start to break even – and that is not going to be possible this year. Many colleague businesses are in far worse shape than us.

Aaran House frontage
Aaran House frontage

Gaps in Government help for Tourism businesses

The report goes on to highlight dependent businesses, such as Tourism Travel companies and booking agents. Such groups do not receive any Government support presently. Further, the many suppliers, delivery drivers, repair firms and specialist infrastructure firms are also at financial risk and facing very uncertain futures. The Tourism landscape is going to be pretty bleak for a long time after Covid-19 has been and gone.

(Below is a quasi-political section which readers can skip if they wish – at least it’s not our usual “science-y” section! It includes a brief description that shows British planning was years ahead of other Nations. BUT our complacency and austerity tripped us up when action was actually needed.)