Condor Ferry in Weymouth 2013
Condor Ferry in Weymouth 2013

Ferry Trips to France

Condor Ferries left Weymouth back in 2013. But you can still take Ferries from Poole. It is only a short drive. There, one may catch Brittany or Condor ferries to France (Cherbourg, or Guernsey and Jersey. Because there are so many sights, it is best to stay in France for several days. Below, we highlight a couple of places that are easy to reach. (Describing a few trips we made over recent years)

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We hope you enjoy this little “travelogue” of places since one can easily visit in fairly short drives from Cherbourg, via Ferry trips. Because Poole is just 30 minutes from Weymouth and car ferry prices are quite reasonable. France is varied and beautiful. So, we recommend a few days in France to soak up the charm, the sights and sounds (and the wine and food!)

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